Siemens taps HCL Tech to expand IoT cloud platform MindSphere

German equipment maker Siemens has signed up IT services provider HCL Technologies to develop and expand its Internet-of-Things platform MindSphere. Mindsphere is Siemens’ cloud–based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, and includes technology, applications, connectivity, system integration and go-to-market strategies. Siemens is keen on developing the package as a standard for industrial equipment to […]

Siemens Q2 sales hit by GST, profitability improves, orders up 10%

Electrical goods maker Siemens Ltd reported an improvement in its profit margins, but underlying sales growth decelerated to 1.8% due to GST-related impact. The company usually posts 8%-15% growth in revenue. Net profit also showed a decline as last year, the company had exceptional income related to the sale of a unit. Revenue, on a […]

TCS to create apps on Siemen’s IoT platform MindSphere

Tata Consultancy Services said it will create applications on MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens. IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’ and refers to connectivity between two machines over the Internet, with zero human interface. Examples include a connection between a smart electricity meter at the customer’s home and a billing computer […]