Sanjay Kumar is a New Delhi based professional journalist who has 17 years of reporting experience in various media. His interests include politics, international relations, macro economic topics, politics and so on. He has worked at various media organizations such as ANI News, India’s biggest television news agency, and ARD Startseite. He was also a contributor on South Asia for The Diplomat magazine. He is a key member of RTN’s Editorial Leadership Council. He writes on a variety of topics at RTN, mostly around the polity and economy of India. He is active on Twitter and Facebook. You can email him at sanjay

Nirmal Narayanan is a Kerala-based journalist with more than a decade of experience covering a variety of subjects, including entertainment, business, sports and politics. He has worked in a variety of traditional and new media organizations, including IB Times and Arab News. He’s reachable at nirmal

Geethu Oliyil has a background in corporate training, but is passionate about writing. She’s an aeronautics graduate and continues to track developments in the aviation sector in India. At Ultra News, she writes part-time about a variety of business-related topics, including aviation. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or contact her at geethu

Roshan Ravi works in the e-commerce industry, but his first love has always been writing. He engages his twin passions of writing and sports at Ultra News. He covers a variety of business related topics, especially around the fast-developing e-commerce and payments sector in India. You can reach him on Facebook, or shoot him an email at roshan

Trisha Thomas, based in Bangalore, is a self-confessed gadgets freak. She has been following the gizmo segment — particularly smartphones — for over five years. In between managing a one-year-old son, she keeps Ultra News’ readers informed about the latest in the world of gadgets. She’s on Twitter and can be reached via trisha

Krithika Krishnamurthy is a graduate of IIJNM, Bangalore. She worked at Reuters and Economic Times as a business correspondent, before jumping on to the other side to join a start-up. In her spare time, she writes on topics such as entrepreneurship and social issues. You can catch her on Facebook or on email at krithika

B Harikrishnan is a fresh graduate from the Kerala Media Academy (Press Academy), Kottayam. He’s interested in politics and movies. You can keep track of him on Facebook, or email him at hari