TCS to create apps on Siemen’s IoT platform MindSphere

Tata Consultancy Services said it will create applications on MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens.

TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan

IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’ and refers to connectivity between two machines over the Internet, with zero human interface. Examples include a connection between a smart electricity meter at the customer’s home and a billing computer at the electricity company’s office.

Siemens, being a dominant player in the electricity and heavy equipment market, is trying to establish a strong presence in the technological side of the smart equipment market as well by bringing out MindSphere — a software for smart machines.

The Indian IT services provider will be one of the several companies that create applications that customers of Siemens equipment will be able to use with such equipment.

“Customers will benefit from new applications for MindSphere by TCS ,enabling new digital and analytical services such as predictive maintenance and energy monitoring,” the Indian company said.

TCS will target manufacturing, energy, building technology, healthcare and railway industries via its offerings.

The company will offer MindSphere applications as well as digital and analytical services that can reduce downtime, maintenance related costs and energy consumption, while increasing the lifetime of their machinery, ti said.

The company already has such partnerships with companies such as Oracle, which also have their own platforms.

Big equipment vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Siemens are taking advantage of their extensive customer base to create their own software platforms. Attracted by the prospect of tapping into these customers, software makers such as Tata Consultancy Services sign up to create products on these platforms.

In competition to such platforms, many smaller companies and individuals contribute to make open source software that offer the prospect of more open access to companies like TCS and Wipro, but without the promise of a large installed customer base.

Milind Lakkad, EVP and Global Head of Manufacturing at Tata Consultancy Services, commented: “We’ve been collaborating with Siemens on technology innovation for several years and this latest development will enable our customers to make major strides in IoT innovation. With the MindSphere agreement we will intensify our partnership and support our customers as they realize the opportunities presented by digital innovation.”

The digitalzation of industry – in which digital technologies are radically reshaping entire industries – is set to create significant opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world, TCS added.

“Initially the program will be focused in the manufacturing sector, where IoT has already gained significant traction due to the immense data volumes generated in the production process, enabling major innovations in system performance and connectivity,” it said.

Through this partnership, TCS will also support developments around MindConnect Nano, the cloud gateway that can be used to connect production to cloud-based analysis of machine and production data.

In addition, this new partnership will see Siemens and the Indian company work to explore implementing the MindSphere core platform, including operation and support services such as application and infrastructure management as well as analytical and testing services.

Steve Bashada, Executive Vice President and General Manager of MindSphere at Siemens, said: “Siemens, together with TCS, will help customers evaluate and utilize data to achieve new insights which could ultimately pave the way for completely new business models, such as selling operating hours or services instead of machinery.”