‘Fake news’ directive withdrawn on Modi’s orders

Faced with severe criticism from the media and the opposition, the Prime Minister’s office has directed the Information & Broadcasting ministry to withdraw the ‘fake news’ directive. The ministry had, last evening, issued a statement that envisaged provisions to punish journalists who reported ‘fake news’. According to the press release issued yesterday, action — including […]

I&B Ministry addresses allegations of bias in awarding IFFI coverage contract

The Information and Broadcasting ministry has responded to allegations that it caused needless expenditure by getting a private company to cover the opening and closing ceremonies of the International Film Festival of India in place of Doordarshan. It has been alleged by sources in Prasar Bharati that the ministry overlooked Doordarshan’s considerable expertise and experience […]

Smriti Irani says no salary till Prasar Bharati agrees to performance targets

Information & Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani today said her ministry has not released funds for the payment of salaries to the employees of India’s public broadcaster Prasar Bharati because the ministry and the organization have not been able to agree on a set of performance parameters for the broadcaster to achieve. Irani said the memorandum […]

No ban on daytime condom ads: Smriti Irani

Information and Broadcasting minister Smriti Irani today clarified that there was no ‘ban’ on the transmission of condom ads during daytime, and that restrictions have been imposed only on ads that “objectified women”. Irani said she had already clarified the matter in response to a query by the health ministry on whether the ministry’s ads […]

Smriti Irani Trumps PTI: Takes to twitter to expose ‘fake news’

Smriti Irani, who recently took on the role of the union minister for information and broadcasting has started off with a bang by alleging that the country’s largest news wire distributed photo Chennai floods claiming them to be those of the floods in Gujarat. Unlike her predecessors, who would bring such matters to attention through […]