COLUMN: What are Congress’ post-Rahul options?

Battered by the party’s second-worst defeat in the Lok Sabha polls, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi is most likely to submit his resignation at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Saturday. The Congress scion, who took ‘100 percent responsibility’ for the embarrassing loss in the polls, has insisted on resigning as the party boss. While […]

Rahul Gandhi nixes Priyanka’s Varanasi plans – report

“I will leave you in suspense” is what Congress President Rahul Gandhi said eight days ago when asked about rumors of his sister’s candidature in Varanasi. Now, with just four days remaining to file nominations in Varanasi, it looks like Gandhi is willing to end the suspense According to reports of multiple TV channels, including […]

How Congress stands to benefit from Priyanka Gandhi’s candidature in Varanasi

It is Congress Party’s “to be or not to be” moment : Will Priyanka Gandhi contest election from Varanasi or not? Rahul Gandhi’s evasive answer to the question has further deepened the suspense. With two phases of elections already over, how long can the grand old party of India play the waiting game? What might […]

Rahul in Wayanad- Advantage Congress but will it reverse its fortunes?

The picturesque district of Wayanad has attracted the attention of political pundits and media ever since the announcement that Congress President Rahul Gandhi will contest from the place in addition to his traditional stronghold of Amethi. National interest in the constituency shot up after the announcement made by senior Congress leader and former Defence Minister […]

Details revealed about Rahul Gandhi’s Rs 12,000 income guarantee scheme

Responding to widespread confusion, the Congress Party offered further details about Rahul Gandhi’s new Rs 12,000 minimum income guarantee scheme. UPDATE: The Congress on Tuesday changed the scheme announced on Monday, and removed any reference to Rs 12,000. It clarified that the scheme will only apply to the bottom 20%, and their income levels will […]

WATCH LIVE: Rahul Gandhi clears stand on terrorism, love, gender equality and Hindi-focused governance

Congress President Rahul Gandhi promised to reserve 33% of all government jobs in India to women if the Congress Party comes to power and said his government would correct the North-Indian focus of the current government. Interacting with females students at Chennai’s Stella Maris College, Gandhi said women are smarter than men, and that he […]

Crowds chant ‘Indira! Indira!’ as Priyanka Gandhi takes stage in Gujarat

Crowds at a poll rally in Gandhinagar in Gujarat chanted ‘Indira! Indira!’ when Priyanka Gandhi was called to address the crowd, perhaps for the first time outside the Congress pocket borough of Amethi. It was not clear if the chanting was being done by Congress office bearers or the crowd that had come to listen […]

Why Mayawati, not Rahul Gandhi, is Congress’ real PM candidate for 2019

With India’s general elections only weeks away, a large section of ‘secular’ voters in India are learning to live with Rahul Gandhi as their most viable bet for a non-Modi prime minister. However, a deeper look, along with recent experience, suggests that it is Mayawati, not Rahul Gandhi, who has everything going for her to […]

Rahul Gandhi says will work other parties to save Indian democracy

Boosted by the first big victory since in several years, Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi said his party will join hands with the opposition to “protect Indian institutions” from the attacks of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh. Speaking in the aftermath of the BJP failing to win majority in Karnataka Assembly, Gandhi […]

Narendra Modi has a clear lead over Rahul in 2019 elections – Online Poll

An online poll conducted by Ultra News with 1,200 respondents indicated continued strong support for incumbent prime minister Narendra Modi compared to challenger Rahul Gandhi of the Indian National Congress. The poll reached out to around 21,400 people on Facebook, out of which around 6% indicated their choice one way or the other (see below). […]

Is Rahul Gandhi rejecting his mother’s secularism?

The rather ‘Holy’ election campaign being waged by Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat elections has led to speculation that the Indian National Congress may adopt a ‘soft Hindutva’ model under Rahul Gandhi to counter BJP’s ‘hard Hindutva’. FROM NONE TO ALL Over the last half a century or so, the party has experimented with diluting the […]

Ahmedabad cops deny permission to roadshow by Modi, Rahul

The Ahmedabad administration has denied permission to the ‘roadshows’ planned by Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad tomorrow. The separate roadshows would have featured Modi and Rahul Gandhi traversing the city in a last minute effort to boost their respective parties’ chances. Parts of the state, including Ahmedabad, are scheduled to go […]

Rahul Gandhi, Marry a Dalit girl – Ramdas Athawale

Taking a jibe at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s ‘increasing love for Dalits’, Dalit leader Ramdas Athawale said the chronic bachelor and heir to the Congress Party should now get married to a Dalit girl. Speaking at a function in Akola in Maharashtra, Athawale said Gandhiji wanted to erase the scourge of caste from India […]

Rahul Gandhi seeks Parliamentary probe into ‘leak of information’ ahead of demonetization

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi dismissed charges that the opposition was not speaking in one voice on demonetization and said the entire opposition is united in their demands. Asked whether the opposition parties wanted a roll-back, Gandhi said there were only two demands — one that Modi should speak in Parliament, and the secondly that […]

Kejriwal Tops Time Magazine’s Global Top 100 People of 2014 Poll

Just hours after he emerged as the most popular nominee from India, Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal has beaten a slew of American celebrities to emerge as the candidate with the most ‘yes’ votes on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” in the world in 2014. UPDATE: TIME has rejected most of the votes […]