Nalco says facing a ‘coal crisis’ due to govt’s supply prioritization

Government of India’s NALCO, or National Aluminium Company, said its primary Aluminium smelter plant at Angul in Orissa is facing a ‘crisis’ due to the the shortage of coal to produce power. Smelting of alumina into aluminium is one of the most power-hungry processes in industrial production. To supply power to the unit, NALCO had […]

NALCO to expand Suzlon-built wind power project to 27,000 households capacity

National Aluminium Company or NALCO has awarded to Suzlon a contract to double its wind energy production capacity to 100.80 MW, the wind energy company said. The project will be capable of providing power to around 27,000 households and reducing “0.10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum. NALCO which is a public sector enterprise […]