FITE says 11 cases against Tech Mahindra layoffs moved to courts

The Maharashtra unit of Forum for IT Employees said 13 disputes over forced resignations and  layoffs at IT organizations have been moved to the labor courts after failed mediation attempts by state labor authorities. 11 of the 13 cases were filed by employees of Tech Mahindra, and one each by those of Wipro and Vodafone, […]

PAY REVISION: IDBI Bank employees to strike again tomorrow, May 23

IDBI Bank, one of India’s largest government-controlled banks, said it received notice of strike from the “United Forum of IDBI Bank Officers and Employees”. The strike will be on Tuesday, May 23, and is aimed at demanding “revision of pay and allowances and other issues,” the bank said. The Forum represents a section of its employees and […]

AIBOA supports IDBI employees’ strike against disinvestment

All India Bank Officers’ Association, the second largest organisation of bank officers, said it would support the upcoming strike by IDBI employees against disinvestment of IDBI Bank. The government is reportedly planning to bring down its holding in the bank below 51% like it did in case of Axis Bank (formerly UTI Bank). “The entire […]

FITE says TCS Chennai termination case only partly resolved

FITE, which was formed by disgruntled IT workers to prevent large-scale layoffs in the sector, hailed the withdrawal of the termination letter to a female employee that has been challenged in a labor court in Chennai. The ‘Forum for IT Employees’, a semi-formal organisation that uses social media extensively for propagating its stands and attracting […]

POLL: FITE to hold protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi against terminations

FITE said it would hold a protest in Delhi today at 1 pm against what it called unjust termination of staff by TCS. TCS had, in its earnings press conference yesterday, asserted that the company had a policy of ‘involuntary attrition’ of those who failed to keep up with performance requirements. It also said only […]

Journalists strike work at Kerala’s first news only channel

In an unprecedented act, the entire staff of Kerala’s oldest TV channel have struck work, stopping the transmission of Indiavision TV. The staff put up a statement on the website of the television channel, which has since been pulled down, accusing the management of violating several codes, to the detriment of the channel. The statement […]