India says WhatsApp giving ‘good response’ on monitoring proposal

Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s minister for law and information technology, said the government has got ‘good response’ from WhatsApp for its proposal to install a monitoring mechanism on the platform. The government has been pushing WhatsApp to put up a monitoring mechanism that would send out alerts when messages on any one subject starts going […]

BJP MP seeks solar lights for forest encroachers

Bishnu Pada Ray, the member of Lok Sabha representing Andaman & Nicobar Islands has asked for permission to install solar lighting systems in the homes of forest encroachers who are under order by the Supreme Court to evacuate the forest land. Ray wrote the letter seeking permission to install the lighting system in the homes […]

Initial probe finds Kerala forest fires were set by manmade force

A preliminary enquiry by the Kerala Forest Department has found that widespread forest fires in Kerala’s ecologically sensitive Wayanad region were likely to be man-made rather than natural. Fires were detected across the district on Sunday at the almost the same time. The area has been the hotbed of anti-environmentalist protests over the last three […]