Microsoft launches Nokia 130 with Bluetooth, USB

Frankly we don’t know where to file this one, but perhaps this should go into ‘beacause we’ve always done so’ folder.

Microsoft announced its latest phone, the Nokia 130.

Nokia 130_WHITE

However, if you are wondering if you the Nokia 130 should be your next phone, you should rid yourself of those worries. This one could well be called the Nokia 1100.

Not surprisingly, Nokia is pitching it as a possible supplementary phone – which you’d keep in case you run out of juice on your main smartphone.

“It is ideal for first time mobile phone buyers or people seeking a reliable backup phone to complement their existing Smartphone,” Microsoft said.

Priced at around Rs 1,600, the Nokia 130 has a built-in video player, music player with up to 46 hours continuous playback on a single charge and everyday essentials including outstanding battery life, a flashlight, FM radio and USB charging, at a best buy price of just Rs. 1649.

“Featuring a 1.8” color display, durable design and a standby time of up to 36 days, the Nokia 130 is built to last. With the ability to store up to 6,000 songs on a 32GB SD card, people can stay entertained for longer, while sharing digital content with friends and family is easy with the Bluetooth-enabled SLAM application and USB connectivity,” the company added.

“Armed with a distinctive design and sound entertainment, our latest device in the first phone range aims to bring the new age mobile experience at an accessible price point to our consumers.”

To be fair, there is indeed a market for barebones, voice-only phones, especially in the rural areas. But even here, the fact is that there are perfectly good voice-phones out there priced at Rs 900.

So would someone fork out nearly double that amount for the comfort of a Nokia brand? That is what Microsoft is betting on.

“With the Nokia 130, our endeavor is to connect millions to the new mobile experience keeping in tandem with our core philosophy of connecting the next billion.” Said Raghuvesh Sarup, Director – Marketing, Nokia India Sales Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobile Oy.

The dual SIM phone is available in red, black and white.

The display resolution is QQVGA and the device is powered by a 1020mAh battery. It also has USB 2.0, 3.5mm jack, microSD and Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM.