Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price falls by Rs 2,500, available online for Rs 59k

The online price for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has fallen to Rs 59,000 on eBay. The phone is being sold by Flipkart and another online site at Rs 61,500.

Croma Retail was selling it for Rs 58,300, but the online version of the store no longer has stock. Some Croma outlets may continue to have stock.

The initial price of the Galaxy Note 4 was around Rs 65,000 on eBay, but that has since fallen to Rs 59,000. eBay was also giving a 3% discount on purchases using coupon code DISCOUNT03, however the coupon is no longer valid according to the eBay website.

The Note 4 has become cheaper by around Rs 2,500 in a matter of six days. The price is expected to fall further for the next two months and is likely to hit the Rs 50,000 mark by the end of the year.

The Note 4 phone made its debut at online sellers Flipkart and at a price of Rs 61,500, or just Rs 2,000 less than the iPhone 6 Plus.


Most initial reviews have focused on the high price. In some cases, users who already have Note 3 have pointed out that buying the Note 4 is not going to radically change the way they use their phones.

“I recommend a perfect buy for note 4 to be around 40 to 45 thousand rupees,” said user Abhishek on Flipkart.

“It is overpriced.. Rs 46K will be the perfect price for this device,” said Joysurya Gupta, while Kokila felt that if Samsung doesn’t price its phones cheaper in a price sensitive market like India, it too will lose market share like the former number 1, Nokia.

Other online sellers like Snapdeal and Amazon are yet to start selling the Note 4, and are likely to make available the Note 4 in around four days.

The Note 4 is already available in several offline stores in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Also launching this week is the Lenovo Vibe X2, which is powered by the MT6595 Octa-core processor from Mediatek that scored 47,000 in Antutu benchmark. The phone will be priced around Rs 27,000.

In terms of specifications, the Note 4 is arguably the most advanced smartphone in the world, but will face intense competition from the iPhone 6 Plus, which starts at Rs 62,500, or Rs 4,500 more than the Note 4, for a 16 GB version.

In terms of specifications,the 5.7-inch display on the Galaxy Note 4, for example, has 4 mln pixels on it compared to the 2 mln on the iPhone Plus.

In addition, the stylus on the Note makes it much more productivity friendly too. The Note 4 also comes with a 16 MP camera. In comparison, iPhone 6 Plus has an 8 MP camera.

While the Galaxy Note 4 comes with 3 GB of RAM, the iPhone comes with 1 GB.

Also, the Note 4 comes with the latest in ARM processor technology – the Cortex A53 + A57, running at 1.9 GHz whereas the Apple chip run as 1.4 GHz. Both chips have 64-bit support.

Indian operators are launching LTE in FDD mode in 1800 MHz (3) band, TDD mode in 2300 MHz (40) band. In addition, they may launch LTE in FDD mode in the 800 MHz (19) band. In other words, the phones should support these three bands – 3, 40 and 19.

Officially, the Samsung India website is of practically no use in this matter as it simply says the the phone has Category 4 LTE (150 Mbps). It does not talk about which bands are supported.

But our research indicates that the version of the Note that is going to be launched in India will support the following bands –

FDD-LTE – Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

TDD-LTE – Band 38, 40

In other words, both types of LTE that has been and is being launched in India will be supported by the Galaxy Note 4 version released in India, while the 800 MHz LTE that Reliance Communications may launch in 2016-17 is not. Frankly, we believe that by the time such a network is launched, the Note 5 may be out and users need not worry about it right now.

Nexus 6, when launched, will offer far superior value for money than the Note 4 and will come with the next version of Android, Lolipop.

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