LG G3 Stylus launching next week, price Rs 21k in India: Galaxy Note for students?

Have you always wanted a large, affordable stylus-based device, but didn’t want to spend Rs 25,500 for the Samsung Note 3 Neo?

Samsung’s competitor from its home market, LG, has answered your prayers; well, sort of. It’s come up with the LG G3 Stylus as “A Better Way to Note at a Smarter Price”.


As you might have guessed, the emphasis is on three things – a large enough display, a stylus and a smarter price.

Keeping a lid of the price means the LG G3 Stylus is not at your typical high-end device. Rather, it’s a statement from LG that note taking is not the prerogative of the high-flying executive. In other words, LG wants to broaden the stylus market to the mid to lower end as well, especially to students.

As such, the G3 Stylus is not really a stylus version of the G3. The Stylus version does not have LTE, it doesn’t have quad-HD, or full HD, or even 720p HD. Rather, it comes with a humble 960×540 pixel display, implying a barely-there 200 dots per inch resolution.

It also has a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM, Android 4.4, Dual-SIM support and 21 Mbps 3G. It also comes with a 13 MP camera and a pretty big 3 Ah battery.

Before you say ‘that’s not my G3,’ please remember that the devices is not meant as a high end one, but only as one that will appeal to those who want a stylus (writing pen) phone at the cheapest price from a reputed brand.

The phone will be launched next week across India at a maximum retail price of Rs 21,500. However, at Rs 21,500, the model makes absolutely no sense, and customers are likely to shell out another Rs 3,000 to buy themselves the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, priced at Rs 24,000.

The Note 3 Neo has a 720p HD AMOLED display and a more powerful Hexa-core processor. It too comes with a stylus.

But the true strength of the LG G3 Stylus lies in its pricing power. While the initial price s 21,500, the price will fall pretty steeply in the coming weeks, especially online.

We expect the price to fall to Rs 15,000 in about three months, at which point it will actually be affordable to students. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo will still be selling for around Rs 21,000 at that time.

The only thing we don’t understand is why LG used the G3 name for what is essentially a low to mid range product.

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