Wipro to take over IT functions of Den Networks

Wipro Ltd, India’s fourth largest IT exporter, will help DEN Networks, one of India’s top four cable operators, offer a variety of IT-enabled customer solutions.

The tie-up comes in the wake of increasing digitization in which big cable feed providers like DEN are coming into direct contact with customers for billing, channel provisioning and customer support. Earlier, these functions were carried out the local cable operator.


“The alliance will help in accelerating DEN Networks’ evolution from being a B2B organisation, to a B2C (business to consumer) organisation,” Wipro said.

It will provide DEN Networks’ customers with “seamless connectivity and integration.”

DEN seems to be following the model adopted by telecom peers such as Bharti Airtel, which has outsourced its IT functions to IBM and others.

“Through this decade-long alliance, DEN Networks will be able to provide its Customers, Local Cable Operators (LCOs) and Partners with real time efficient services, thereby ensuring continuous engagement and zero downtime. The initiative will also help DEN Networks to streamline the deployment of its next generation services and provide quicker service activation, accurate rating and billing, and excellent customer service.”

It may be remembered that DEN is in the process of launching its ultra-high-speed broadband based on Docsis 3 technology. It has a very ambitious target of covering around 2-3 million houses in the first year itself.

“This agreement will allow DEN Networks to offer SMS and BSS user friendly solutions that will allow cable operators to deliver more personalized and sophisticated services to cable and broadband subscribers at sharply improved delivery time,” Wipro said.

The new system will use a blend of on-board and cloud-based distributed analytics. The cloud based platform will use a highly extendible patented model that consolidates all subscriber, product, service and infrastructure based operational data, allowing operators to reliably and rapidly create and manage a wider range of residential and business products that deliver increased operational efficiency and a greater user experience.