Bangalore is best Indian city for bachelors, Ahmedabad at the bottom

Results of the city ranking survey

Bangalore, India’s IT capital, is the best city for bachelors, while Ahmedabad in Gujarat was ranked at the bottom, according to a ‘liveability’ survey conducted among residents of housing societies and gated communities by MyGate app.

In fact, Bangalore topped in six out of the ten parameters on which the app users were asked to rank different cities, including pet friendliness, safety and cleanliness. Even though Pune came out on top in family friendliness, Bangalore was voted the best for kids and the elderly.


Bangalore lived up to its reputation as India’s most ‘fun city’ — at least if you have a high-paying job — by scoring 10 marks in bachelor-friendliness, while Ahmedabad — which ranked at the bottom — scored just 5 points.

Surprisingly, the second in the ranking was Kolkata, though not by much. The eastern city scored 7.88 points against Chennai’s 7.51, while Pune, Mumbai and Delhi scored between 7.1 and 7.2.

Hyderabad came second last with 6.24 points.


Interestingly, Ahmedabad scored on top when it came to ‘eventfulness’ — presumably a measure of how often events are held in the city.

The Gujarati city was ranked at No.4, out of a total of 8, in family friendliness, with 8.93 points.

Pune, with 10 points, Bangalore, with 9.65 points and Hyderabad, with 8.97 points, ranked higher on this metric.

Delhi and Chennai had the distinction of being ranked towards the bottom on most parameters.

Chennai was ranked right at the bottom in seven out of nine parameters — family, pets, elders, kids, commute, safety and events.

Delhi ranked at the bottom in case of cleanliness and amenities.

Interestingly, the national capital was ranked at No.2 in case of pet friendliness — the only criteria on which it it managed to break out of the bottom half.

Chennai too broke out of the bottom half only in one criteria — bachelor friendliness.

Mumbai was ranked somewhere in the middle on almost all criteria — not too bad, but not too good either.

It ranked in the top half in three areas — safety, ease of commuting and cleanliness.

Hyderabad too ranked towards the middle on most of the criteria, but bachelors should stay away from the city, according to the results.

In terms of safety, Bangalore was closely followed by Pune and Ahmedabad, both of which had more than 9 points.

Among the least safe cities are Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata, but the Bengali city is quite safe for animals, as it ranked pretty high in terms of pet-friendliness.

“Residents of gated communities are looking for a better lifestyle for the entire family, not mere accommodation. It is interesting to see how gated communities in different cities are delivering on this expectation and where residents perceive room for improvement,” said Abhishek Kumar, COO & Co-founder, MyGate.

It should be noted that the survey reflects the perceptions and biases of people who live in ‘societies’ and gated communities only, and did not seek responses from people living in independent houses, chawls and so on. As such, it likely reflects the perceptions of the upper and upper middle classes within the Indian society.