Tata Power starts 150 MW solar plant in Rajasthan

Tata Power said it has commissioned a 150 million watt solar plant at Loharki in Rajasthan that will produce around 350 million units of power per year.

The power will be supplied to Tata Power’s distribution arm.

The estimate of 350 million units indicates a comparatively high efficiency of output.

A 150 million power solar power plant can technically produce 1.315 billion units of power per year.

However, this is only possible if there is peak sunlight throughout all 24 hours of the day. Because of this, the actual efficiency is usually only around 15-17% of this peak output.

However, a production estimate of 350 million units indicates that the company expects an efficiency of 26.6%, which is much higher than what is obtained in countries like Germany and Japan, and even sunny areas like California.

The high efficiency of solar plants in Rajasthan underlines the potential of this mode of power generation in India.

The company used 656,700 solar modules, 48 Inverters, 720 KM of direct current cable and 550 people to create the solar power plant at Lohark.

It is expected to save around 3.34 lakh tons of carbon from being released into the air every year.

With this addition of 150 MW, the total renewables installed capacity of Tata Power will be 2947 MW with 2015 MW of Solar and 932 MW of wind.

It has another 1084 MW of renewable projects under implementation.

“The commissioning of the 150 MW project in Loharki, Rajasthan has further fortified our position as one of the leading renewable energy company in the country with a strong presence in solar power generation,” said Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power.