Strong exports help Bajaj Auto beat TVS in July sales

Bajaj Auto July 2021 Auto Sales

Bajaj Auto was able to beat TVS Motor Co in July two-wheeler sales, reporting a 39% jump compared to only 8% for the South India-based company.

Bajaj Auto was able to beat TVS because of a doubling of export volumes in July to 1.74 lakh.

In comparison, TVS Motor Co’s exports volumes in July rose ‘only’ 62% to 0.88 lakh from 0.54 lakh a year earlier.

Part of the reason for the relatively muted export performance, when compared to Bajaj Auto, may be shipping and logistical difficulties that affected exports.

The stimulus program in the US has led to a strong demand for Chinese-made electronics and other goods in that country. This has in turn led to a tying up of container capacity on the trans Pacific route, leading to shortages elsewhere.

“The demand in the export market continues to be robust, and container availability is improving. We are optimistic of further improvement in container availability in the coming months,” TVS Motor Co said.

Including both exports and domestic, TVS Motor Co sold a total of 2.63 lakh two-wheelers in July, while Bajaj Auto managed to sell 3.31 lakh.

Bajaj Auto has seen a slow shift in its demand from India to overseas markets. While the company used to get around 60% of its sales from India, the ratio has started skewing in recent months.

For July, Bajaj Auto sold 1.74 lakh two-wheelers outside India, and only 1.56 lakh inside the country.

In comparison, TVS Motor Co sold 1.75 lakh two-wheelers in India, and only 0.88 lakh outside India.

TVS Motor Co also sold16,127 units in July 2021 as against sales of 8,956 units last year.