Wonderla restarts water rides at Bangalore park

Wonderla Holidays Ltd, which reopened the Bangalore water park partially last weekend, said it will restart water rides at the facility from this week.

The other two parks, at Kochi and Hyderabad, remain shut.

Wonderla Bangalore was opened five days ago with a limited number of rides, and none of the water rides were available.

Starting this weekend, it will throw open more rides, including mostly water rides. However, some water rides will continue to remain out of bounds due to government restrictions.

The company has also brought down the entry fees to the park sharply.

Against the earlier rates of Rs 1,090 for an adult and Rs 873 for kids, the park will charge only Rs 699, including taxes.

The entry fee will entitle the visitor to avail of all the rides on offer.

Wonderla will put in anti-crowding restrictions, and will operate at around 4,000 visitors per day, against the usual 10,000.

Visitors will be encouraged to book online. However, said the company, walk-in ticket purchases will be allowed if the park has the capacity to take in more visitors at the time.

As announced earlier, the parks will open only from Friday to Sunday.

“The pandemic is not yet over, and we must continue to take precautions while stepping out and being in public places,” said Arun Chittilapilly, Managing Director, Wonderla Holidays Ltd.

“Keeping that in mind, at Wonderla we have opened the theme park after taking all the necessary sanitization and crowd control measures for public safety. As per the norms laid down by the Health Ministry for water parks, we have ensured adequate and regular water filtration and chlorination.”

The company has been hit very hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A

In the three months from July to September, the company reported a loss of Rs 15.79 crore.

In an attempt to keep its head above water, Wonderla is estimated to be working with just a fourth of its former workforce.

It has frozen the development of its planned Chennai water park, and also converted its in-house restaurants to take-out facilities in Bangalore in August, and in Kochi and Hyderabad in September.

These take-out services will continue to operate even as the parks reopen gradually.