Festival Offer: Samsung announces discounts on NVMe, SSD and MicroSD range

Samsung EVO 970 will be available for Rs 4,299 under the offer

Samsung has announced discounts of around 20-40% on its storage devices, including SSDs, NVMe drives, Micro SD cards and pen drives.

The discounts are offered as part of Flipkart Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian Festival, which start tomorrow.

External SSDs

On the external storage drive front, it is offering discounts on both its NVMe-technology based T7 series, as well as its SATA-based traditional external SSD offerings.

NVMe technology offers nearly double the read and write speeds of SATA-based disks, but also cost more.

For example, the NVMe-based T7 external drive costs Rs 6,999 for the 500 GB version under the offer, while the SATA-based T5 costs Rs 5,999.

The price of the T7 500 GB used to be Rs 8,999 before the festival period, which means that Samsung is offering a discount of Rs 2,000 (22%) as part of the Flipkart Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian Festival.

Similarly, T5 500 GB used to be priced at Rs 8,199 before the festival offer, and Samsung is giving a discount of Rs 2,200 as part of the sale.

In addition, both Flipkart and Amazon are giving instant discounts of 10% on select bank cards.

In addition to the T7 and T5, Samsung is also offering discounts on the fingerprint-protected T7 Touch, which is priced at Rs 9,999.

Internal SSDs

In addition to the external drives, Samsung will also offer discounts on internal SSDs for use inside laptops and desktops.

There are three brands of internal SSD from the company — the SATA-based EVO, the NVMe-based 960 EVO Plus and the more advanced 870 QVO.

The SATA-based 860 EVO will be available for Rs 3,299 for the 250 GB version, while the NVMe-based EVO Plus is priced at Rs 4,299. The regular price of the NVMe drive is Rs 7,150 (see image).

For those looking for higher capacity, Samsung is also offering its QLC-based QVO SSD, priced at Rs 8,499 for 1 TB.

In the MicroSD card space, the company will offer EVO Plus at Rs 419 for 32GB, Rs 649 for 64 GB and so on.