Mindtree wins SAP services order from Husqvarna

Gardena is one of Europe’s top gardening tools makers

Mindtree, a mid-size IT and outsourcing services company, said it has been chosen to provide SAP services to a unit of Sweden-based machinery maker Husqvarna Group.

SAP is a Germany-based provider of enterprise software, such as that used to keep track of inventories, product design, sales and customer care. Usually, companies depend on IT providers like Mindtree and Infosys to help ease the transition from their existing software to platforms such as SAP and Oracle.

In this case, said Mindtree, it will provide SAP-related services related to ‘development operations’ of Gardena, the gardening tools division of the Husqvarna group.

“Our unique product IT operating approach will help to accelerate Husqvarna’s product lifecycle – from ideation to development to release – enabling the business meet customer demand more effectively,” said Debashis Chatterjee, CEO and Managing Director, Mindtree, a division of construction group Larsen & Toubro.

Mindtree said it will apply “agile and DevOps concepts” to help Gardena develop and deploy SAP applications at a faster pace to meet the business demands of the digital age.

“Mindtree’s engagement with Gardena will focus on helping the company accelerate its digital transformation efforts. The company seeks to gain better visibility into its operations, more effectively improve service and product offerings across sales and service channels and optimize its supply chain,” it added.

Companies like Mindtree have been keen to play a more direct role in helping companies address their core operations, such as designing new products and coming up with new marketing strategies, instead of just providing traditional outsourcing services such as maintaining servers, and networks and handling customer queries.

“This partnership contributes to the company’s goal of transitioning from a shared services center to a DevOps-enabled product IT operating model,” said the Bangalore-based company, which now has over 290 clients.

“Breaking down silos between application development and IT operations will enable tighter collaboration leading to faster time to market for new software and app releases.”

Mindtree was acquired by L&T last year in a rare hostile takeover after one of its key shareholders ran into financial rough weather and was forced to sell his 20% stake.