Kerala launches BevQ app for liquor sale booking

The BevQ app will be available today evening on Play Store

Kerala has launched the much-awaited BevQ app to facilitate the sale of liquor in the state from tomorrow onward.

The app will be available in the Google Play app store in a few minutes, after which connoisseurs can download the same and a slot in the virtual queue tomorrow.

‘Hot’ liquor will be served through 877 places across the state from 9 am tomorrow, while wine, beer and other low-alcohol content drinks will be available via 1,168 outlets.

Out of these, only 301 will be run directly by the government via the State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) and Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers’ Federation or ConsumerFed.

Liquor will also be available via 870 private outlets, comprising licensed bars and ‘beer parlours’.

Within these, 576 will sell both hot and soft liquor, while 291 beer parlours will only sell low-alcohol beverages.

It is not clear if consumers will be allowed to choose the outlet they want to buy from or whether it will be automatically allocated by the system, keeping in mind traffic and demand patterns.

Buyers should not reach the point of sale well in advance, as there is a limit of 5 on the number of people who can be standing in queue in front of any outlet or bar at any given time.

Booking will be allowed every day from 6 AM to 10 PM, but deliveries will take place only between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Each order will carry a service charge of 50 paise, which will go into the account of CDIT, the state IT agency. The money will be used to meet all the expenses related to the virutal Q app, including SMS charges, server rentals and software maintenance charges.

If someone makes a booking on any particular day, he or she can make another booking from the same number only after a minimum of 4 days.

To download the app from Google Play Store, click here.