Kerala announces new rules under lockdown 4.0

Air travel will continue to remain prohibited

Kerala has published new rules under lockdown 4.0, bringing the overall regulations more in line with the new regulations published by the central government.

However, the state continues to prohibit certain activities that are allowed by the center in its guidelines yesterday.

Most notably, these include restrictions on travel.

While the center had allowed by-road travel across districts and even between states, Kerala has curtailed the public transport to within the district, while allowing private vehicles to cross over to the neighboring district. Kerala also requires even private vehicles to secure a special pass from the police or district authorities to move beyond the immediate neighboring district.

Similarly, it does not allow interstate road transport except with passes.

On a positive note, the following new activities will be allowed:

  • Bottled liquor will be available from both bars (as parcel) as well as government shops. Online booking facility will be set up. The prices will be the same in both cases.
  • Auto rickshaws and taxis will be allowed to ply. Up to three people belonging to the same household can travel in an auto rickshaw or taxi. If not related, only one passenger will be allowed.
  • Pillion riders are allowed on two-wheelers if both are coming from the same house.
  • Barber shops, salons and spas can open for hairdressing and shaving only. Towels cannot be re-used and no more than two persons can be ‘in waiting’ at the shop.
  • The number of people allowed at a wedding has been raised to 50 from 20. Engagements and funerals can still be attended by no more than 20.
  • Clubs can provide parceled liquor and food. No more than five members can be present in the club at any time. Non-members cannot enter the club premises.
  • Fares of buses increased by 50% to Rs 1.10 per km as long as social distancing norms are in place. Fares of boats have been increased by 33%.
  • Buses and boats cannot have occupancy of more than 50%. Standing passengers are not allowed.
  • Travel is allowed between 7 AM and 7 PM, except in case of medical needs.
  • Morning walks and cycling is allowed.
  • Those below 10 and above 65 have to remain indoors except for medical emergencies.
  • Private vehicles can carry two persons in addition to the driver if unrelated, and 3 persons plus the driver if all three are from the same household.


Pinarayi Vijayan also announced that 38 flights are being organized to Kerala between today and June 2 to bring back stranded Keralites.

At total of 6,530 people will be able to return to the state via these flights, which will be organized from various countries such as Russia, the US and Ukraine.

Vijayan also said that a Shramik special train will start from Delhi on Wednesday, and that the Kerala government is in the final stages of organizing similar trains from Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha and Bihar.