Zero new Coronavirus cases in Kerala today

Kerala COVID-19 numbers | Covid19India.Org

For the first time in 45 days, Kerala reported no new Coronavirus cases today, even as 9 more people recovered fully from the infection.

The last time Kerala was able to report no new Coronavirus case was on March 17.

With this, the total number of COVID-19 patients in Kerala has fallen to 102.

The figure of zero is somewhat surprising, given that Kerala was awaiting the results of a mass checking campaign conducted in Kollam district.

It is not clear if these numbers contain results from the mass testing conducted in Kollam. Initial results from the campaign showed at least two positive cases with no apparent connection to any known COVID-19 case, raising fears that there might be hundreds of undetected cases in the community.

A total of 21,500 people continue to be under quarantine in the state, most having come into contact with confirmed Coronavirus cases.

These people will be subjected to COVID-19 tests only if they start showing signs of infection during the 28-day quarantine period.


Out of the 14 districts in Kerala, the central government has designated two — Kottayam and Kannur — as red zones, and two — Wayanad and Ernakulam — as green zones.

The other ten districts have been designated as orange zones, indicating that they face elevated risks of reporting new Coronavirus cases.


Meanwhile, Kerala too has started sending migrant laborers back to their states, joining the league of states like Telangana.

The first such train will leave at around 6:15 PM today from Aluva railway station on its way to Orissa.

More trains will be operated to states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and West Bengal.

Lakhs of migrant laborers from these states have been trapped in Kerala for the last 40 days due to the lockdown announced in late March.

On the other hand, an estimated 1.25 lakh Malayalis working or staying outside Kerala have registered with Kerala government’s NORKA website to be able to return to their home state.

The government has said that these people will be allowed to stay at their homes as part of quarantine measures.

However, there is no clarity whether trains will be run to fetch these people from places like Mumbai and Delhi, or whether they will have to wait for the resumption of flights.

Over 2 lakh Malayalis trapped outside India have also registered on NORKA website to return home.