No of COVID-19 cases falls further in Kerala

Daily Active COVID-19 cases in Kerala

Even as other states continued to report high levels of new COVID-19 cases, Kerala reported a net decline of 20 in its tally of Coronavirus patients.

While 7 new cases were reported, 27 existing patients tested negative and were discharged from the hospital.

The number of new cases reported today is the lowest in nearly a month.

With this, the number of people with COVID-19 in the state has fallen to 238 from 258 as of yesterday.

A total of 124 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Kerala as of today, while 2 people have succumbed to the infection. Meanwhile, the situation of one patient continues to be sensitive.

Out of the seven new cases reported today, two are people who came from outside, while five cases of infection were reported from the contacts of people who came from outside.

Today is the fourth consecutive day of decline in COVID-19 cases in the state. At 266, the highest number of active Coronavirus patients in Kerala was recorded on April 6.

Kerala is the only state in India to report declines in COVID-19 cases so far, and is considered a testament to the effectiveness of the lock-down strategy.

Meanwhile, a total of around 900 new cases have come to light today on a pan-India basis.

Out of these, 77 such instances came up in Tamil Nadu, while 229 new cases have been reported in Maharashtra — the worst affected state.

Kerala and Maharashtra used to report roughly the same number of cases till about 10 days ago, after which Kerala managed to bring down the number of new cases, while those in Maharashtra started increasing at a faster pace.

Total COVID-19 cases across India

While the number of people who are recovered from this disease is similar in Maharashtra and Kerala — at around 125-130, the number of deaths in Kerala (2) is lower than that in Maharashtra (97).

The improvement in Kerala’s numbers is attributed to the Left Front government’s decision to go for a lock-down on March 10, two weeks before the national shut-down.