Woman complains against security guard, booked

Screengrab from the CCTV video

A woman from Kerala has been booked for assault after she complained of ill-treatment by a security guard at a private hospital in Aluva, Kerala.

Arya, who hails from Payyannur in North Kerala and works in Kalamassery, was booked for assault after CCTV footage of her altercation with a security guard revealed that it was she who assaulted the guard.

CCTV footage from the hospital shows the woman slapping the security guard for moving her scooter from where she had placed it.

According to reports, the security guard had objected to the two-wheeler being parked at a no-parking zone.

However, the woman refused to move the scooter and went inside the hospital.

CCTV footage from the hospital

“When the [Hospital] MD was about to move out [in his car], I moved the two-wheeler out of the way. The lady came out after some time and saw that her bike had been moved,” Rinku, the security guard, told media persons after CCTV footage of the altercation went viral.

“She got enraged and went back inside and complained to the PRO.”

According to reports, the woman complained to hospital authorities about rude behavior by the guard, who, she reportedly complained, had moved her vehicle to a spot from where it was difficult to retrieve it.

“The PRO told me to get the bike out of the spot. So, I went down and extricated the bike. At this point, the woman hurled abuses at me and slapped me, saying that the the scooter stand had touched the ground when I moved it, and that she had shelled out money to buy the scooter,” the guard added.

After the incident, the hospital authorities checked the CCTV footage and realized that their staff was not in the wrong, and decided to file a complaint with the local police station.

The woman was called to the police station, her explanation recorded and allowed to leave.

The CCTV footage led to mixed reactions in Kerala, with some asking if people were outraged only because a man had been assaulted by a woman and not the other way around. Others mocked the security guard for not responding in kind, while yet another section wondered if the current climate of always seeing women as victims was behind such incidents.