Dabur launches Babool Ayurveda toothpaste

Dabur, one of India’s biggest consumer brands specializing in products based on Ayurveda, today launched Babool Ayurvedic, a new variant of Babool, the most popular herbal toothpaste in India.

Babool paste is named after Babool, the Hindi name for Acacia, which forms one of the ingredients.

Even rivals like Patanjali and Himalaya have launched many rivals to Babool tooth paste, the Dabur product remains one of the few, truly genuine herbal toothpastes in the market.

Many of the competing products, despite being called herbal, carry the ‘black’ mark on the crimp, which indicates that they are not fully herbal, but come with a dose of chemicals. This is because many of them come with chemicals such as flouride and sodium benzoate.

Babool is currently available in the traditional clove taste as well as a herbal variant.

The new variant, called Babool Ayurveda, gets some extra herbs like Triphala, Pudina and Patchouli in addition to clove, babool and pudina. It will target the ‘value customer’, Dabur said.

The product is expected to help Dabur protect its market share from new entrants like Lever Ayush, which launched several products in the market under a tie-up with Arya Vaidya Pharmacy of Coimbatore.

So far, Babool was being marketed as a herbal toothpaste, rather than an Ayurvedic toothpaste, like its rivals.

“Dabur has always been a pioneer in spreading the goodness of Ayurveda and has been working towards creating products that offer the proven benefits of Ayurveda, in modern day convenient formats. Building on our heritage, we are now launching this new product,” said Dabur’s marketing head for home and personal care, Rajeev John.

Dabur Babool Ayurvedic Paste will be available in four quantities — 25gm, 60gm, 100gm and 175gm and -priced between Rs 10 and Rs 50.

“Besides its proven health benefits, Dabur Babool Ayurvedic Paste also stands out as a competitively priced alternative compared to other toothpaste brands in the market. With Babool Ayurvedic, we are confident of catering to a much broader market base in the years to come and expanding our market share,” John added.

In terms of the overall toothpaste market, Dabur is at No.3 and offers Dabur Red Paste, Babool and Meswak.