Airtel offers 100 GB data per month on Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 comes with free 100 GB data/month on Airtel

Bharti Airtel said it has opened pre-booking for Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 on its online store.

The S10 will be available for a total cost of Rs 81,000, including a downpayment of Rs 9,099, plus 24 equal monthly installments of Rs 2,999.

In comparison, Amazon is selling it at Rs 77,850, divided into equal installments of Rs 3,244, with no extra down payment.

The Galaxy S10+ will be available from Airtel at a price of Rs 87,700, including a downpayment of Rs 15,799 and monthly EMIs of Rs 2,999.

The S10 Plus, which comes with a 6.4 inch screen, is available from Amazon at a cost of Rs 85,996, or a monthly payment of Rs 3,583. There’s no particular downpayment required on Amazon.

Including the cost of the downpayment, a customer ends up paying an extra Rs 4,000 or so in case of the smaller device and around Rs 6,000 in case of the bigger device.

This works out to about Rs 400 per month for the smaller device and about 500 per month for the bigger device.

In return for this, the customer gets 100 GB of data per month, unlimited local and STD calls, free Amazon Prime for one year and a three-month subscription of Netflix.

At present, 100 GB of data costs around Rs 1,000 per month, and Airtel’s freebies can be valued at around Rs 1,200 per month, not including the Prime and Netflix offers.

However, the downside of going with the Airtel’s scheme includes tying oneself to Airtel’s network for the next two years.

“With our built-in plans, customers can unlock the true potential of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones on our network,” said Shashwat Sharma, Chief Brand Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Bharti Airtel.

The phone is expected to hit the Indian market in the second week of March.