Job situation improves — Naukri bi-annual survey

A six-monthly survey conducted among recruiters by India’s biggest classifieds job site,, has showed a marked improvement in recruiter sentiments.

The survey, which focuses on hiring predictions for the next six months, shows improvement in almost all areas compared to last year, including possibility of job creation, increment levels and so on.

The biggest difference is seen in the number of companies that say they plan to hire new employees in the next six months.

This year’s assessment

According to the same survey last year, 4% of the 1,500 respondents predicted lay-offs in the first six months of 2018 (see below). However, this year, only 1% of the 3,310 respondents believe they will be laying off employees in the first six months of the year (see above).

Last year’s assessment

Similarly, another 9% had a hiring freeze last year. This year, only 3% have a hiring freeze.

The difference can also be seen in the number of people who said they will only focus on replacing lost employees, and no new additions to the head count will take place. Last year, this number was 20%. This year, it has fallen to 12%.

In other words, last year, only 67% of the recruiters had a positive outlook towards hiring. This year, that number is 84%.


Most will get only 5-15% increment

According to the latest survey, most of the employees in India will get increments of between 5% to 15%.

A total of 63% of the recruiters said increment levels this year are likely to be in this range.

31% of the recruiters said their firm will offer increments of more than 15% on average.

Within this 31% was a 5% who said their firm would see increments of over 30%.


Attrition remains relatively high

The survey also included questions about what the recruiter was looking for, in terms of skills and talent.

The three biggest traits that attract recruiters are “clear and cohesive communication”, “confidence” and “good listening skills.

The survey also revealed a disconnect between what the employers understand of employee behavior and what the employees feel.

When the survey asked recruiters what was the top reason why their employees were leaving, the answer was money. But when the same question is asked by Naukri to job-seekers, the top answer is “career growth”. said thee survey represents “a very optimistic outlook for hiring in the coming six months.”