Supreme Court gives protection to Kanakadurga and Bindu Ammini

Sabarimala Temple

The Supreme Court today directed the Kerala government to provide full security to Kanakadurga and Bindu Ammini, the two women who entered Sabarimala temple last month.

The two women had sought 24-hour police protection, claiming that there was a threat to their lives. They also pointed to extensive attacks coming from Internet users and social media users.

“The order by the Supreme Court upholds gender equality.. and that the court wants to give justice to women,” Bindu Ammini commented on the decision.

Kanakadurga was recently admitted to the hospital, allegedly after she was attacked by her own family.

During the hearing today, the counsel for Kerala government told the judges that around 51 women have entered the temple, at which the court replied that today’s hearing was not about the broader topic.

The Supreme Court will take up a review petition on the September ruling of the court that held that age restrictions on women’s entry into the temple were baseless.

The judgement has led to massive protests in Kerala as many locals see it as needless interference in their religious beliefs.

The entry of Kanakadurga and Bindu Ammini into the temple has also led to protests against the state government, with many accusing the government of making special arrangements for the women to enter the temple.

A special commissioner appointed by the Kerala High Court to monitor the situation in Sabarimala had informed the Kerala High Court last week that special privileges were extended to the two women to facilitate their entry at 3:45 AM on January 2.

The commissioner said the two women were taken in through the staff gate of the temple and not via the normal route.

Other women who tried to enter the temple since then have found their way blocked by protesters and pilgrims, and have been forced to turn back.