D2h reveals new base packs under new TRAI rules

D2h’s ‘base packs’ under TRAI scheme

D2h, formerly known as Videocon D2h, has come out with two new 100-channel base packs for its customers.

The packs comprise only free channels, and customers need to pay only the network charge to watch them. The network charge will be Rs 154 per month or less, including all taxes.

It should be noted that unlike in the earlier scenario, the concept of base pack does not hold much value in the new TRAI tariff regime.

This is because any customer can call up the DTH or cable provider and ask them to replace or add any channel in the ‘base pack’. In case the requested channel is also a ‘free’ or FTA channel, then the whole process will have no impact on the monthly bill.

For example, D2h is suggesting channels like Public TV, Mojo TV in its base pack for South Indian subscribers.

However, a customer from Tamil Nadu can call up and ask for other free channels like Captain TV or Sirippoli or Star Sports First to be included in place of channels that he or she doesn’t watch.

Both free and pay channels can similarly be added to the ‘base pack’.

This is different from the earlier system where customers were forced to subscribe to the packs and plans created by the cable or DTH company.

The downside is that the price of some of the popular channels, like Zee TV and Star Plus, is more than Rs 22 per month, including taxes. However, these prices are expected to come down if they fail to attract subscribers.

It should be noted that DTH players are likely to take a couple of days to update their billing and provisioning software. Until that is done, users will not be able to activate these new plans and packs.

Moreover, D2h users can also activate packs from channel owners, like Star Value pack and Zee Family pack.

TRAI has asked DTH and cable operators to make sure that they have taken the pack choices from at least 30% of their subscribers by January 7.

You can see the full list of D2h’s ‘basic’ packs here. Other operators’ rates are here.

You can see the price list of all channels here.

D2h’s sister concern Dish TV too has come up with its list of supported broadcaster packs, channels and their prices. You can see those here.