Havells India to launch temperature-sensitive ‘smart fans’ with IoT

Havells India, one of the fastest growing appliances and electrical gear makers in the country, said it will launch a wifi-enabled, temperature-sensitive smart fan next year.

Named ‘Enticer Smart’ after its Enticer series, the fan would have smart capabilities, such as automatically adjusting its rotating speed based on the temperature of the room.

The fan can also be connected to the wifi and can be controlled using a dedicated app, or via interfaces like Google Home and Alexa from Amazon, the company said.

In addition, it would also come with a remote.

The Indian fan market has seen a revolution of sorts in the last one year with the entry of electronic fans that come with sleep mode, remote controllers and energy-saving DC motors.

However, these fans have been pushed largely by newer and smaller players like Mumbai-based Atomberg Technologies, while traditional fan-makers such as Havells and Bajaj have been slower on the uptake.

Havells launched its fans in India 15 years ago and has several firsts to its credit, including electroplated fans, low-power-consumption fans, Bluetooth fans and ultra low noise models.

Besides the mother band, it also sells under brands such as Lloyd, Crabtree and Standard.