Amara Raja to make advanced batteries with Johnson Controls

Amara Raja Batteries, India’s largest battery maker, said it has agreed to license stamping technology from Johnson Controls, one of the world’s largest automotive parts makers, used to make lead acid batteries.

“The company has entered into an agreement with Johnson Controls Technology Company (JC), USA for acquiring the license for manufacturing advanced stamped grid plate making technology.

“The Company has also entered into technology collaboration agreement with JC which will enable the Company to manufacture advanced lead acid batteries,” it said.

The lead grid plates in batteries can be made in two ways, by moulding or stamping.

The company, which makes Amaron brand of batteries, did not reveal more details about the tie-up or its plans to make advanced batteries.

Lead acid batteries power most of the vehicles and are also used in domestic applications like inverters.

However, they are facing more and more competition from lithium ion batteries, whose weight is one third that of lead acid batteries and whose size is one sixth that of lead acid batteries.