Maruti Suzuki employees contribute Rs 1.5 cr to Kerala Flood relief

Maruti Suzuki, India’s biggest carmaker, said it will contribute Rs 3.5 cr, including employee contributions, to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund in the context of floods in Kerala.

“With regard to the recent floods and colossal damages in Kerala, Maruti Suzuki stands with the people of Kerala and prays for quick rehabilitation of all those impacted by the severe disaster.

Maruti Suzuki today voluntarily donated Rs 2 Crore towards the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to strengthen relief, rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts of the Government,” it said.

The remaining to Rs 1.5 cr will be collected and donated by the employees of the company.

Similarly, the staff of Jammu & Kashmir Bank will donate six days’ of salary, which will come to about Rs 11 cr.

Other companies that have announced contributions are Facebook (Rs 1.75 cr) and the Middle East-based Lulu Group (Rs 5 cr).