Dealers getting petrol at Rs 36.68/liter, diesel at Rs 39.77/liter-Govt

The price of petrol charged to the dealers, before taxes and deal commission, is Rs 36.68 per liter in India as of July 16, while that of diesel was Rs 39.77, ministry of petroleum and natural gases has revealed.

However, on that day, petrol was being sold at Rs 84.22 per liter in Mumbai and at Rs 76.84 per liter at Delhi.

The difference was caused by taxes.

According to the government, the center charges excise duty of Rs 19.48 on each liter of petrol, taking the price to Rs 56.16.

On top of this, the petrol pump charges a commission of Rs 4.34, taking the price to Rs 60.50 per liter.

The remaining amount is tax charged by the state government, which varies from state to state, resulting in differing prices for the commodity.

For example, in Mumbai, the retail price of petrol on the date was Rs 84.22, indicating that the state was charging around Rs 22 as tax, while in Delhi, the retail price was Rs 76.84, indicating state tax of Rs 16.34.

In other words, about 56.4% of the total price paid by a Mumbaikar for petrol was tax and deal commission.

Similarly, in case of diesel, the ‘actual’ price of the commodity, as supplied to the dealer, was Rs 39.77 per liter, while the central excise duty was Rs 15.33 and the dealer commission was Rs 3.30 per liter, taking the total to Rs 58.40 per liter.

However, on that date, diesel was being sold at Rs 72.65 per liter in Mumbai, indicating a state tax of Rs 14.25, and at Rs 68.47 in Delhi, indicating a state tax of Rs 10.07.


The ministry also made it clear that there is not plan to keep petrol and diesel outside GST forever.

Instead, it said, a decision has already been taken to bring it under GST eventually. The only thing remaining to be decided is the date, which will be determined by the GST council, it added.