Amaravati to get tallest govt building in India; L&T gets order

Construction major Larsen & Tourbo said it got the order to construct the tallest government building in India at Amaravati, the upcoming capital of Andhra Pradesh.

It said the order was part of a contract to build Head of Department office buildings at Amaravati.

The buildings will house the headquarters of the various government departments of Andhra Pradesh.

Along with another order from Oman, the contract is worth Rs 3,000 cr.

It wasn’t clear if the Amaravati project involved one building or a bunch of buildings.

L&T said the Amaravati project will be the first Steel Diagrid project in India.

Steel Diagrid refers to a grid that is built on the periphery (boundaries) of the building, instead of inside the building.

The big advantage of the building the grid on the boundary walls, instead of the inside walls, is that even the bigger halls and rooms can be without support columns.

Typically, steel grids are rarely used in India, with developers almost always opting for concrete grids. Even when they’re used, they’re usually used on the inside.

The project will also make use of Automatic Climbing Formwork System, a method used for lifting people and materials when the construction is going on.

“The project is a fast track job to be completed within stringent timelines,” the company said.

Besides the above, L&T said it also received an order to construct a “tourism-related facility” in Muscat, Oman.

“The scope includes structure, architectural finishes, MEP services and extensive landscaping & external development.”