ANDHERI BRIDGE COLLAPSE: Shiv Sena MLA says Indian Railways prevents BMC from repairing bridge

Even as citizens blamed Shiv Sena-controlled Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC for the collapse of the railway overbridge near Andheri station today, the local Shiv Sena MLA has pointed out that Indian Railways does not allow BMC to carry out repair and maintenance on overbridges.

At least five people were injured when a bridge connecting Andheri East to Andheri West over the Western Railway line collapsed at around 7:30 AM today morning. One of them is reported to be in a critical condition.

The bridge was under the supervision of the BMC.

Ramesh Latke, MLA for Andheri East from Shiv Sena, said Indian Railways does not allow BMC workers to carry out any repairs or maintenance on the structure from below.

“Whether it is over-bridges or canals or any other stucture that passes through railway property, the maintenance is done by railways and charges are sent to the BMC,” Latke said. “They don’t allow BMC workers to carry out any work on the portion under the bridge.”

Indian Railways has a reputation for being extremely zealous in asserting its control over all its property.

The local MLA further challenged the Indian Railways to reveal the contents of the inspection carried out on the bridge after another railway overbridge collapsed at the Elphinstone Road stations on the Western Line eight months ago.

“This bridge was inspected by them after the Elphinstone incident,” he said. “They should reveal the inspection report.”

“They had said there would not be a repeat of such incidents (after the Elphinstone tragedy)…I think the higher authorities in the railways look at such things with callousness,” he added.