DQ Entertainment to set up ‘Jungle Book’ theme parks in India

DQ Entertainment, creator of children’s TV animations such as Jungle Book, said it decided to open several indoor theme parks in India.

The company signed a franchisee agreement with India-based Chiliad Procons to open the theme parks, which it said would be of world standard.

“It’s as close as India gets to a Disneyland equivalent,” DQE claimed.

The first project — The Jungle Book TV series — will debut in Mumbai in 2018, Delhi in 2019 and further expand across major metro cities over the next few years, it added.

The parks will feature characters such as Mowgli, Baloo, Bhageera and Sher Khan. The parks will incrporate bridges through the jungle, life size elephants and a light and sound show, it added.

“DQE is working closely with the creative teams behind Chiliad’s blockbuster theme park attractions to bring the characters, action and bring adventure of the popular TV series to life within the theme parks,” the company said.

Besides Jungle Book, the companies also plan on constructing parks around themes such as Peter Pan & Robinhood.

“All of the adventure, fun and action kids experience through a screen will now be all around them soon,” said Manoj Mishra, COO DQE Group.

Prasuk Jain, MD, Chiliad Procons said his company was happy to invest in properties that in turn serve as a landmark for visitors.

He said the Jungle Book will be an indoor park that India “is waiting for”.

“It will house all factors of adrenaline rush, a themed restaurant and much more to keep them alive and visitors experience something beyond their wildest imagination.”

The Jungle Book animated series has been a mega success for DQ Entertainment and has been licensed by global broadcasters such as ZDF Germany, DeA Kids- Italy, TF1-France,Canal+ France, Telequbec and TVO-Canada, JCCTV-Middle East and Nickelodeon-India.

It has been broadcast in over 160 countries worldwide, according to the animation company.

Other animations produced by DQ Entertainment include Robin Hood, Lanfeust Quest, The New Adventures of Lassie, The Jungle Book (3 seasons), The New adventures of Peter Pan (2 seasons), Iron Man (2 seasons) and Casper (2 seasons).