Karnataka Trust Vote: Yeddy may resign if numbers don’t add up

BJP sources are reported to have started indicating to media that the party is not interested in winning ‘by hook or crook’ and may not go through with the trust vote if it is not able to garner the requisite numbers.

The move indicates that the ruling front may have failed to achieve its target of ‘flipping’ a dozen MLAs from the opposition party to vote for it.

It would also suggest that the party believes that it would be better for Yeddyurappa to take the moral high ground and resign instead of facing a defeat in the trust vote.

Yeddyurappa needs at least 111 supporting votes in the assembly of 222 members.

However, the BJP has only 104 MLAs in the house, and expects the support of 1 of the 2 independent members. The remaining 117 members are with the opposition.

The party is learnt to have tried its best to get the support of the opposition MLAs given the tight deadline imposed by the Supreme Court.

[polldaddy poll=10008827] Given the circumstances, the central leadership is learnt to have taken a decision to give up gracefully if the numbers don’t add up, especially given the negative press that the party has got over its attempts to ‘convince’ MLAs of the opposition to vote for it.

The party was supposed to get two weeks to persuade opposition MLAs to vote for its trust motion, but the plan unraveled after the Supreme Court intervened and asked Yeddyurappa to prove his majority today (Saturday).