Doctors rushed to Jodhpur after Amitabh Bachchan falls ill

A team of doctors has been rushed to the set of film ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ in Jodhpur in Rajasthan after actor Amitabh Bachchan complained of ‘general uneasiness’.

Bachchan’s condition is reported to be stable. The veteran actor has been shooting for the movie for several months.

According to sources, the likely cause of the uneasiness is likely to be exhaustion as the shoot is carried out largely during the night.

“4:51 AM .. and just back from work,” the actor tweeted early in the morning today, adding that without hardwork, you can’t win anything.

“The city Jodhpur sleeps and so shall I in a while after connecting with the well wishers.”

Bachchan was admitted to the Mumbai-based Lialavati Hospital a month ago after complaining about persistent pain in the neck and shoulders.

It was also ascribed to exhaustion has he had been shooting non-stop for two films, including Thugs of Hindustan.

Bachchan, son of famous poet Harivanshrai Bachchan, is 75 years old, but continues to enthrall his fans with his various roles.

Once known as the ‘Angry Young’ man due to his portrayal of similar characters on screen, the actor is one of the few who have successfully managed to completely revamp their image and enjoy a second leg in their acting careers.

Bachchan, who dons a variety of roles in largely Bollywood movies, is also one of the most familiar faces when it comes to pushing socially relevant messages.

He is the ambassador of many social programs such as ‘Swachch Bharat’ or ‘Clean India’ mission (see picture on top).