CYCLONE OKHI: 263 missing people considered dead; death toll at 365

The governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have classified 263 fishermen missing since cyclone Okhi as dead, taking the total death toll so far to 365 from the cyclone.

A total of 102 people from Kerala and 191 people from Tamil Nadu had been registered as missing in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Out of this, the government of Kerala considers all 102 missing persons from the state to be dead, while the government of Tamil Nadu is still waiting for information about 30 people who went missing during the cyclone. As such, the Tamil Nadu government considers 161 of the missing persons to be dead.

These numbers are in addition to the 102 people who have been confirmed to be dead during the cyclone and whose bodies were recovered.

With the latest numbers, the total dead from the cyclone that hit India in early December has reached 162 in Kerala and 203 in Tamil Nadu, with 30 still missing.

The central government released Rs 280.50 crore to Tamil Nadu from the ‘State Disaster Response Fund’ on Dec 8, and Rs 76.50 crore to Kerala from the same fund on Dec 11.

Subsequently, it released Rs 133 cr each to both states from the National Disaster Response Fund.

Rs 15 cr was also released to Lakshadweep.