GALLERY: New Swift to give 13% higher mileage – Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzki today unveiled the most anticipated new car in years, the new Swift, with a promise of 12.7% more mileage and 28% more luggage space than the outgoing version.

The petrol version of the new Swift has been priced between Rs 4.99 lakh and Rs 7.29 lakh in Delhi before taxes, while the diesel version has been priced between Rs 5.99 lakh and Rs 8.29 lakh in the city, before taxes.

There will be six variants each in the petrol and diesel versions.

The cheapest model in the petrol version will be called LXi, followed by VXi and ZXi and ZXi+.

In addition, the ZXi and VXi will also have auto-gear-shfit variants that will cost around Rs 47,000 more, excluding taxes, taking the total to six variants.

Similarly, for diesel, there will be the LDi, the VDi, the ZDi and the ZDi+. Like in case of petrol, the VDi and the ZDi will also have auto-gear shift versions that cost Rs 47,000 more.

Out of these, the ZXi+ and the ZDi+ are the most expensive models.


The key differences between the old swift and the new swift are in the mileage, as mentioned above, and looks.

In terms of size, the new Swift is 4 cm wider. The wheelbase is 2 cm wider, and this has created slightly more cabin space, the company said.

It also said that 40% of the steel used is of the ‘high tensile strength’ variety. Tensile strength means the ability to resist breakage.

The boot capacity is 58 liter, which is a 28% improvement over the previous model.

The mileage of the diesel version is 28.4 km to the liter, up from 25.2 kmpl in the earlier model, while the petrol version has a mileage of 22 km to the liter, which is an increase over 20.4 km to the liter earlier.

The height (headroom) is higher by 2.4 cm, while the back-seat angle has been tweaked for more comfort, Maruti Suzuki said.

In terms of power, there’s a 10% improvement in the 0 to 100 km/h acceleration, though the engine parameters remain largely similar to the earlier generation.

The petrol version has a 1.2 L VVT engine and the diesel version has a DDiS 190 engine.

“The engines are tuned for superior performance, coupled with highly balanced suspensions for better ride and comfort,” Maruti Suzuki said.

The car also comes with a 17.7 cm Smart Play Infotainment system with support for mobile phone pairing and a wide angle parking camera display.

The model development cost for Swift is over Rs 700 crore. Around 98 per cent of the components inside are made in India.

“The all-new Swift is built on Suzuki’s new and innovative 5th generation HEARTECT platform for more strength, peppier performance and advanced safety,” said CEO Kenichi Ayukawa. “More spacious, it is loaded with new features that are poised to thrill customers.”