Recycler Gravita India gets Rs 250 cr order from Luminous Power Technologies

Gravita India Limited, one of India’s biggest recycling companies, said it won a Rs 250 cr order from inverter manufacturer Luminous Power Technologies, a unit of Europe-based Schneider Electric.

The order will be executed during 2018, the company said.

“It will help the company to strengthen its top line and bottom line in coming FY 2018-19,” it added.

India requires manufacturers of electric devices and batteries to put in place recycling facilities to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment.

The group employs around 500+ people worldwide and is on a massive expansion drive.

Gravita manufactures Lead metal by the process of smelting and recycling followed by refining, alloying and manufacture of Lead oxide (Litharge, Red Lead and Lead Sub-oxide).

The company at present has 8 Lead smelting facilities in operation, of which, 4 are in Asia and 4 in Africa.

Besides, the company is engaged in the trading of Lead Scrap, ore, concentrates, battery scrap and allied Lead products globally. The Group also provides technical consultancy and support for the establishment of eco-friendly recycling units.