Tata Motors December wholesales comes in strong

Land Rover Evoque

The Tata Motors Group global wholesales in December 2017, including Jaguar Land Rover, rose 23% to 1.17 lakh. In November, it had risen 22% to 1.12 lakh and and by 2.7% to 1.04 lakh in October.

Wholesales of commercial vehicles rose 53% in December to 47,182, compared to 51% in November to 40,845. In October, it had risen 1.3% to 37,400.

Wholesales of passenger vehicles rose 8% to 69,495 in December, compared to a rise of 10% to 71,628 in November. The numbers include those of Jaguar Land Rover. In October, they had risen by 3.5% to 66,361, compared to 10% growth in September.

Wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover in November were 55,066, up from 54,244 vehicles in November. The number was 49,757 in October and 57,365 in September.

Out of the JLR total, Jaguar contributed 16,826, compared to 12,287 in November. Land Rover wholesales were at 38,240, compared to 41,957 in November. In October, Jaguar was at 13,295, while Land Rover was at 36,462 vehicles.