Kerala businessman offers life-time job to accused in actress cyber-bullying case

Parvathy | Twitter

Joby George of Kerala-based Goodwill Entertainments has offered a ‘lifetime’ job in the UK, Australia, Dubai or India to the person who was arrested by the Kerala police yesterday for cyber-bullying an actress who criticized super star Mammootty.

If u can give u r no or u can come to my home or office till my death you have job whether in India, Dubai, Australia or UK, or drop me your no., I will call u,” Joby George wrote on Facebook.

George’s lifetime job offer to Printo Chittilappilly was made in the comments section of a video posted on Facebook.

Printo was arrested early morning on Thursday after actress Parvathy filed a case of cyber-bullying and harassment with the Kerala Police.

He has been charged under the IT Act and IPC sections dealing with criminal intimidation and insulting the modesty of a woman.

The case was filed after a barrage of hate comments were directed at Parvathy online for making critical comments about dialogues presented by Mammootty’s character in the recent film Kasba, produced by Goodwill Entertainments.

“Unfortunately, I happened to see the film,” Parvathy said at an open forum event at the International Film Festival of Kerala. “I don’t know if I should even call it a flim,” he added, calling out the dialogues for being sexist and anti-women.

The film contains a scene in which 66-year-old Mammootty grabs a woman police officer by her belt.

“I know films are supposed to be a reflection of what goes on around us, but when the hero utters (such dialogues), it amounts to glorification (of such tendencies),” she said. “These are not the type of heroes we need.”

Parvathy’s comments got much play in the news-hungry media, but seem to have provoked some to target the actress’ online profiles.

In her police complaint, Parvathy said she has been getting several messages threatening to rape her or otherwise harm her.

The actress has shared dozens of screenshots of those who have been sending hateful messages to her.

So far, Kerala Police have already arrested two people including Printo Chittilappilly and Rojan, a native of Chathannur in Kollam, who has been accused to threatening to rape the actress in messages he sent on Instagram.

Printo’s comments were comparatively tamer, but contained words such as ‘nari‘ (stinky) and ‘chetta‘ (low class).

Print’s arrest seems to have struck a chord with film producer and businessman Joby George Thadathil, an MBA from the University of Northumbria in the UK, and forced him to make the lifetime job offer.

The job offer has been lauded by fans of the 66-year-old Mammootty, but ridiculed by many others on social media who feel that it would encourage more people to spout hatred online.

Most super-, and not-so-super-stars in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have well organized ‘Fans Associations’ that are very active on the ground as well as online.

The associations, which also do charitable works, play a role in promoting and publicizing the films of their ‘heroes’. Police are reportedly checking if any of the fans associations are involved in the online campaign against Parvathy, or whether it was spontaneous.