Just Dial app downloaded 23,871 times every day; profit rises

Online classifieds company Just Dial said its app was downloaded an average of 23,871 times per day during the three months ended September.

This was nearly thrice the number of app downloads during the same three months of 2016, showing the impact of the company’s TV campaign.

Just Dial has an aggressive TV campaign to promote its classifieds and review app called JD, and has signed on Amitabh Bachhan as its face.

The pace of app downloads, however, fell by 10% compared to the three months from April to June this year.

Total unique visitors on its website, app and call centers also rose by 37% compared to a year ago and was up 4.5% compared to the three months ended June. The properties were used 105 mln times in the three months, it said.

Showing the increasing dominance of mobile, 65.7% of the company’s traffic originated on mobile platforms, 25.2% on desktop/ PC and 9.1% on calls.

Total Active Listings of classifieds, at 19.8 mln, too saw a sharp increase at 17% compared to the same three months of 2016, and 5.4% compared to the immediately preceding three months.

1.02 mln listings were added — on a net basis — during the quarter.

Out of its total listings, 9.2 million listings were geocoded — meaning that they were associated with a specific location. This number was up 48.5% YoY and up 18% QoQ.

Total Ratings & Reviews stood at 76.1 million at the end of quarter, up 17.4% YoY and up 4.1% QoQ.


Just Dial said its operating revenue stood at ₹ 194.5 crores during the three months ended September, implying a growth of 7.9% YoY and 2.3% QoQ.

Profit from its operations rose sharply at 76.5% YoY and 21.9% QoQ to ₹ 39.6 Crores.

Net Profit, which indicates the profit after all charges such as interest, tax and so on are deducted, also rose 26.5% YoY to 37.5 Crores. However, compared to the preceding quarter, this was down by 1.8% .

The company had cash and investments of ₹ 1,045.3 Crores as on September 30, 2017 compared to ₹ 912.3 Crores as on September 30, 2016 and ₹ 1,086.2 Crores as on June 30, 2017.

It said it has returned ₹ 83.85 Crore to its shareholders by buying back their shares..