WATCH: Kerala student secretly records teacher hitting others in class

A student in Kerala went out on a limb to expose the abuses of his teacher by bringing a cellphone and recording the teacher’s actions secretly.

The video, which shows the teacher repeatedly beating a student with his hand, has gone viral on WhatsApp in Kerala.

The video has an attached message that says that it was shot at a school in Kalladi in Palghat district in Kerala.

School teachers are banned by law from hitting or beating students in Kerala, and most schools do not allow corporal punishments any more.

A month ago, a teacher in Lucknow was suspended for repeatedly hitting a class 3 student for not standing up when his name was called.

Ritesh, a student of St. John Vaidyanya School, was sitting on the first seat when the teacher started calling out the students.

The incident was captured on CCTV installed in the classroom.