Videocon launches CCTV camera with built-in 4G connectivity

Videocon Wallcam has launched a CCTV solution with bundled 4G connectivity in association with Vodafone.

It unveiled a 4G-enabled vehicle surveillance kit and stand-alone outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras, both with a 4G sim slot to support 4G connectivity.

This ensures that the camera can be placed anywhere with 4G connectivity and only the power supply needs to be connected.

It is suitable for remote locations such as barns and walls.

This won’t be the first such solution available in India. Several such imported offerings are available in the market at prices of around Rs 10,000.

Videocon’s mobile vehicle camera kit consisting of vibration resistant and shock proof 2 Megapixel cameras and a vibration-resistant recorder (DVR).

It can be installed in buses, trucks, trains, cabs/cars etc.

The DVR comes equipped with 4G/3G connectivity, GPS, Wi-fi and option of recording the footage on a hard-drive or an SD card.

It can connect up to 8 CCTV cameras.

The stand-alone 4G cameras available in 2MP resolution will be 4G & Wifi enabled.

These cameras will also support onboard SD memory of up to 64 GB.

They will be available in weather proof, all metal bullet housing for outdoor use, and plastic dome housing for indoor use.

Among other key features in both solutions will be night view, motion detection, wi-fi connectivity & alarm.

“Bundled with Vodafone 4G connectivity, the solutions will provide seamless connectivity to the users for remote view of real time/live footage and playback from recorded footage, anywhere, anytime thru a smart-phone application or internet based monitoring system application. The solution also works on 3G connectivity as a fall back,” the company said.

“4G connectivity will make CCTV solution ubiquitous and will change the way this solution will be used,” said Arvind Bali, CEO, Videocon Telecom

“For any IoT based solution, seamless connectivity for the connected devices is the key, and our obvious choice basis their global IOT expertise and experience was Vodafone.

“CCTV cameras will no longer be limited to stationary and Wi-fi / broadband enabled places. Now CCTV solutions can be installed in mobile units such as buses, trains, trucks, tubes, cars/cabs and public places like bus shelters, streets etc. where there is no Wi-fi/broadband connectivity. This solution is a smart and simple way to secure your office, home and vehicles.”