Infosys included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Infosys said it has been inducted into the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and is now part of two of the indices — DJSI World and DJSI Emerging Markets.

The indices measure the economic, environmental and social performance of companies and are based on the companies’ corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation strategies, supply chain standards and labor practices.

The indices are meant to help investors pick companies that operate in a sustainable and ethical manner. Being included in the list helps a company get investments from funds that focus on sustainable growth.

The DJSI family contains one main global index, the DJSI World, and various indexes based on geographic regions such as: Europe, Nordic, North America and Asia Pacific.

To be incorporated in the DJSI, companies are assessed and selected based on their long-term economic, social and environmental asset management plans. Selection criteria evolve each year and companies must continue to make improvements to their long-term sustainability plans in order to remain on the Index. Indexes are updated yearly.

“This recognition is testimony to Infosys’ corporate sustainability leadership in the IT services & Internet Software and Services industry,” the Bangalore-based company, which is known for its transparency, said.