Reliance Jio to offer 5 GB/day for Rs 999 per month

Users of the JioFi, the personal hotspot device from Reliance Jio, will be able to get a new plan that takes the free data offered per day to 5 GB.

At present, the highest amount of free data that any user on the 4G service can get is 2 GB, for a payment of around Rs 500 for 28 days.

However, under the new plans starting from this month, a new plan of Rs 999 per month is also being introduced. It is not clear whether the new plan will eventually be extended to smartphone users as well. The new packs have not been updated on the company’s website.

With this, there will be four schemes for JioFi users to choose from.

The first plan costs Rs 149 per month and offers 2 GB valid for 28 days.

The second and third plans are similar to what is on offer to all users at present. For around Rs 300, customers will get 1 GB per day and for Rs 500, they get 2 GB per day.

Anyone who purchases the JioFi device for Rs 1,999 will get free service under any of the four schemes equal to the price of the device. In other words, if he or she opts for the Rs 149 scheme, he or she will get free data for 12 cycles of 28 days each, totalling 24 GB.

If someone chooses the Rs 300 plan, then they get free data for six months after paying the device cost of Rs 1,999.

Similarly, if someone chooses the Rs 500 plan, they get free data at the rate of 2GB per day for four months.

The fourth plan costs Rs 999 per month and therefore, anyone who buys the device for Rs 1,999 will only get two months free.

However, this plan gives 5 GB of free data per day, making it an attractive option for heavy users. The total data provided under this offer comes to 140 GB per 28 days, which works out to just Rs 7.14 per GB. Anyone purchasing the JioFi device for Rs 1,999 will be eligible to get 280 GB data, valid for 58 days, if they choose this plan.

The 999 daily-data plan is the cheapest 4G offer in India right now.

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The only other operator which has a similar scheme is BSNL, which offers unlimited 3G usage for around Rs 1,099 per month.

The move also indicates that incumbents will continue to face pain in coming quarters from the Mukesh Ambani-led operator.

Many within the industry were hoping that competitive pressure will ease in the industry after the company’s Dhan Dhana Dhan offer runs out at the end of this month.

SCHEME 1 149/mon 2gb/month 11 months
SCHEME 2 309/mon 1gb/day 5.5 months
SCHEME 3 509/mon 2gb/day 112 days
SCHEME 4 999/mon 5gb/day 56 days