LML Buddy low-cost three-wheeler starts selling across India

LML Buddy, the low-cost cargo three-wheeler from the scooter manufacturer, is now available across several key states in India.

The vehicle, which comes in CNG and petrol versions only, is priced at around Rs 1.10 lakh — compared to around Rs 1.7 lakh for an entry-level Ape three-wheeler diesel truck and Rs 3.9 lakh for four-wheeled Tata Ace.

The LML three-wheeler is targeted at lower tonnage cargo market — largely for moving boxes, agricultural goods etc..

It aims to bring down the cost of the entry-level cargo vehicle in the country and cuts both acquisition costs and running costs by not having a front cabin.

The company claims that Buddy can carry 350 kg of payload, compared with around 500 kg that its nearest competitor, Piaggio Ape, can carry.

According to company sources, the vehicle started selling about two-three months ago, and is available states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and so on.

The base model does not have a roof, which can be purchased as an optional accessory.

The design sticks to the original ‘auto’ concept — that of a scooter joined with a load-carrying backside. Unlike other cargo three-wheelers, the LML buddy keeps its modest engine under the driver’s seat.

It comes with four forward gears, one reverse and is fitted with hydraulic brakes. The rear tyres are supported with leaf suspensions.

The size of the deck is 1.17 meter x 1.20 meter.

Unlike its competitors, the company has not launched a diesel variant. Both the CNG and petrol variants are available in the market, while the LPG version will come up very soon.

The specifications of the engine are not available, including mileage and power.