Kerala girl secretly films man who masturbates in front of her in train

A man who was looking for some cheap thrills on a train in Kerala got more than what he bargained for after the girl he was masturbating in front of secretly recorded the entire incident and uploaded it on social media.

The incident is reported to have taken place on the Amritsar-Kochuveli express between Aleppey and Trivandrum recently.

The guy, seemingly in his twenties, uses a bag to conceal his actions from others, but makes his private parts visible to the girl who is sitting opposite him.

He even asks the girl for the time after his act.

The footage, which has been posted on social media like WhatsApp and Facebook, has been shared widely in the state with many eager to shame the person.

Many of those who shared the video also congratulated the girl for her ‘presence of mind’.

“If he had been reported to the police, he would have started harassing another victim soon enough. This way, he gets to act in a film that has become a hit with the audience. Let people enjoy the performance of more such heroes,” commented prominent photographer Arun Punalur on the incident, praising the the girl for her ‘intelligence and guts’.

The mobile camera has become a tool of empowerment for victims of all kinds of harassment, who now have the option of recording their aggressors actions and sharing it with the world.

In another case, a man who was savagely beating up kids in a kindergarten to ‘discipline them’ was recorded in his actions by another staff. The footage too was spread widely over social media. It is not known whether he was brought before the law.