Spectranet enters NOIDA with truly unlimited 50 Mbps at Rs 1,199

Spectranet Tariffs, NOIDA

Spectranet, which provides among the most affordable fiber-to-the-home services for high-volume users in India, said it had entered the Noida market.

The company has started by providing broadband services in Sector 93 with more areas being added rapidly, it said.

Among the plans being offered in NOIDA include a range of ‘truly unlimited plans’ that do not have any speedbreakers.

A truly unlimited 20 Mbps connection will cost Rs 849 in the Delhi suburb, the company said. However, users have to pay for several months up front.

In Sector 93 — the first area within NOIDA that the company has launched in, Spectranet a larger range of plans, which include 100 Mbps ‘truly unlimited’ at Rs 1,199. In comparison, BSNL charges Rs 1,199 plus taxes for a 2 Mbps connection.

In other areas, 50 Mbps truly unlimited will come at Rs 1,349 and for Rs 1,849, customers can get a 100 Mbps connection. It was not clear whether these included taxes, which add about 15% to the total cost.

Part of the reason for cheaper rates in Sector 93 is the relative short distances between apartment blocks in the area, as well as the presence of very large flats which reduce wiring costs.

Most of the big apartments in the area are already covered, the company said.

In some cities, Spectranet also offers speeds of 1 Gbps.

“Noida being an important industrial hub, it was our natural choice to begin our foray into the Uttar Pradesh markets,” said Udit Mehrotra, Managing Director & CEO, Spectranet.

The company has increased the pace of its roll-out in the face of aggressive plans by Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio to launch fiber-based services in 100 cities in India. It recently entered Bangalore with similar tariffs.

“Fibre being the most advanced technology enables broadband to work years on years without the customers needing to upgrade their cables. This enables us to potentially provide speeds 100 times beyond what the customers are experiencing now and enhance their experience. In US, minimum broadband speed is 25 mbps, we want to bring our customers at par with the global broadband users,” Mehrotra added.